48 Hour Writers Short Story Race Launch

The (first) 48 Hour Writers Short Story Race is officially underway!

The participating writers are listed below in alphabetical order by first name. Find your name and assigned prompts below to get started. 

Due to the mail server issue that affected some deliveries, your stories are now due by 7:20PM CST on Sunday, February 2nd. When you are ready to submit, double check the formatting instructions in your kick off email and send your correctly formatted story to hello@strangetidesict.com.

Good luck!  

Character, Location, and Object Prompts
Be creative, be inventive, but also be warned that we won't be able to consider story submissions that disregard their assigned prompts. For example: if your assigned location is The Mall, a story that only vaguely references a mall will not qualify.

The assigned character does not have to be a main character, but must appear in the story in a meaningful way (AKA not as a reference or a walk-through background character.)

The assigned location must be a major location used in the story. You may use other locations, but use of the assigned location must be obvious and predominant.

The assigned object must physically appear in the story or play a major role in the plot.

Story Submission

You may resubmit as many times as you like until the final deadline. (For those of you who re-read your stories and find typos after submitting...we see you.) We take the last submission sent before the deadline for judging.