Creating Sanctuary

Creating Sanctuary

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Binding: Paperback

Author: Jessi Bloom

We all need sanctuary. We need a place where we can feel safe, one that rejuvenates and refreshes us, somewhere we feel nourished and loved. You can find everyday sanctuary in any patch of land that brings you into proximity with nature—including your own backyard. Just as you can decorate an interior space in a way that suits you and makes you feel happy, you can create a garden to nourish your spiritual and emotional well-being.

My intention in this book is to help you transform your life by showing you how to care for nature in the space you already have, and how to use nature’s simple, powerful gifts effectively. In these pages you will:

· Explore a deeper connection to the land you inhabit

· Discover the powerful properties of plants

· Find simple, nature-based routines and rituals