Workshop: Introduction to Poetry Comics
Workshop: Introduction to Poetry Comics

Workshop: Introduction to Poetry Comics

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***This workshop has been canceled and will be rescheduled for later in 2020***

Do you like poetry?  Do you like comic books?  Do people tell you those two things don’t go together?  Let’s spend a Saturday morning together proving them wrong as we learn about poetry comics, a brand-new kind of writing where poetics and images make anything possible!  

In this 2.5-hour workshop, we’ll discuss, define, and explore poetic and comic book terminology (as well as the politics of who is allowed to publish and make in both of these spaces); we’ll look at working poemics, like Bianca Stone, Aiden Koch, and Steve Abbott; and we’ll even create our own poetry comic zine! 

Participants of the workshop will also receive a zine of poetry comics, for future inspiration.

  • Instructor: Bridget Brewer is a queer writer, artist, and performer based out of Austin, TX. Winner of the 2019 Puerto del Sol Prose Competition, a 2018 Austin Critics Table Award, and recipient of a 2018 B. Iden Payne Award for her theatrical direction, she writes and performs in various capacities around Austin, with a focus on teaching literary arts in nontraditional spaces, and has taught with women's collectives, art communities of all ages, public schools, LGBTQIA+ youth organizations, tech companies, and homeless shelters. In 2016 she earned her MFA in Literary Arts from Brown University, with a focus on fiction and performance. She served as Fiction Co-Editor at Nat. Brut from 2016-2019, and has been supported by residencies with Surel’s Place (Boise, ID), HIVE Arts Collective (Austin, TX), and the Disquiet International Program (Lisbon, Portugal). Bridget is currently one of the frontpeople of a queergrass band called Milktoast Millie & the Scabby Knees, serves on the facilitator board at HIVE, and is at work on an “illuminated essay,” a geo-erotic horror novella, and a collection of short stories.
  • Limit: Maximum 10 participants per workshop.
  • Minimum Age: This workshop is suitable for adults and youth ages 10+.
  • Cost: $30 for 12 and older. Those under the age of 12, you can purchase a ticket for $15 using the code YOUTH.
  • Image courtesy of the writer/artist instructor: Published in TIMBER as one of the Relics 4, 5, & 6 (