Workshop: More Naked Than Flesh

Workshop: More Naked Than Flesh

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***This workshop has been canceled and will be rescheduled for later in 2020***

What do ancient Sumerian poetry, Sappho, Anais Nin, dime-store novels about countesses and stable boys, the Marquis de Sade, the 1986 French novel Sphinx, and Harry Potter fanfiction all have in common? Answer: they're all examples of erotica - writing comprised of narrative and explicit portrayals of sexual relationships, intended to arouse the reader. And they're about to become part of your homework!

This 2.5-hour class will involve generative writing prompts, short reading assignments, and the how-to's of writing erotic literature, taught by a writer who paid her electricity bill by ghostwriting paranormal and dystopian erotic fiction for a decade. If you've ever wanted to know how to write steamy love scenes, be bolder in your writing, or even learn how to sext with more than just the peach emoji, this is the class for you!

Please note: We'll be looking at erotic content that addresses a wide range of gender presentations, body types, and identities. (Werewolves and ghosts are not out of the question here, and erotic writing is never politically neutral!) Please come prepared to have your notion of the erotic challenged, broadened, and pulled apart as we dive into the world of the bodily with our fellow classmates.

  • Instructor: Bridget Brewer is a queer writer, artist, and performer based out of Austin, TX. Winner of the 2019 Puerto del Sol Prose Competition, a 2018 Austin Critics Table Award, and recipient of a 2018 B. Iden Payne Award for her theatrical direction, she writes and performs in various capacities around Austin, with a focus on teaching literary arts in nontraditional spaces, and has taught with women's collectives, art communities of all ages, public schools, LGBTQIA+ youth organizations, tech companies, and homeless shelters. In 2016 she earned her MFA in Literary Arts from Brown University, with a focus on fiction and performance. She served as Fiction Co-Editor at Nat. Brut from 2016-2019, and has been supported by residencies with Surel’s Place (Boise, ID), HIVE Arts Collective (Austin, TX), and the Disquiet International Program (Lisbon, Portugal). Bridget is currently one of the frontpeople of a queergrass band called Milktoast Millie & the Scabby Knees, serves on the facilitator board at HIVE, and is at work on an “illuminated essay,” a geo-erotic horror novella, and a collection of short stories.
  • Limit: Maximum 8 participants per workshop.
  • Minimum Age: This workshop is for adults only.